Stationary Type Portable Battery Charger Generators

Portable battery Charger Generators Engine Driven Battery Charger also called DC Generators, are primarily used to Charge “Big Battery Banks” in odd Situations when all other Conventional Battery Charging Solutions Fails. Hence these “Portable Battery Charger Gensets” can also be called as RESCUE Equipments, Used in Emergency Situations.

Himalayan Power Machines Mfg. Co. (HPM) offers 2 Type of Battery Charging Solutions:

Stationary Type “Portable Battery Charger Generators”
The above types of Battery Chargers are used to Charge Big Battery Banks upto 1200 Ah Capacity and Voltage 12Volt to 96 Volt. HPM Co. offers Various Models of Battery Charger Gensets of Different Power Capacities from 1 Kw to 15 Kw Above Battery Charger Generators are very useful in Charging Battery Banks in field Applications, Especially where commercial Electricity Connection is not available Like At Mobile Network tower, Army Border post, Railways Etc.