EV Type Portable Battery Charger Generators

Portable battery Charger Generators Engine Driven Battery Charger also called DC Generators, are primarily used to Charge “Big Battery Banks” in odd Situations when all other Conventional Battery Charging Solutions Fails. Hence these “Portable Battery Charger Gensets” can also be called as RESCUE Equipments, Used in Emergency Situations.

Himalayan Power Machines Mfg. Co. (HPM) offers 2 Type of Battery Charging Solutions:

EV Type “Portable Battery Charger Generators”

Now a Days all Governments in the World are Focusing more and more to Promote Electric Vehicles Specially Cars, E-Rickshaws / 3 Wheelers, Scooter and Motor Cycles / E-Bikes
The Biggest Barrier in growth of EV Business are mainly related to “limited Km range”, Battery Life and Lack of “Battery charging infrastructure”

The HPM Co. have Solved successfully all above Problems / Short Comings, and Our “EV Battery charger Generators” offers below Mention Main advantages:

Unlimited Km Range: with HPM Charger Generator Mounted on electric Vehicle, now can be used for any long range journey because Vehicle Battery Gets charging while running on road.
Longer Battery Life: Battery life is drastically reduced (specially for Lead Acid battery) if it is used in deep Discharge Condition. When Hpm Charger generator mounted on Vehicle, it ensures charging of Battery as soon it gets drained up to 70 % capacity Level.

Hence battery Remains in Good Charged Condition at all times, so this Prevents battery damage / Failures.