LPG Generator


These Generators inherently a petrol generator but modified to run on LPG Cylinder as well as on petrol fuel In other words, these are dual fuel portable generators, models ranging from 1 KVA to 15KVA

Advantages of Running on LPG Fuel

• World’s Lowest Running Cost: Running cost on LPG cylinder is even 40 % lower as compared to Diesel Gensets.
• LPG is a Green Fuel Technology, having zero Pollution’s, no smoke, so it is environment Friendly.
• Easy to Safe: Use of LPG Cylinder is more safe compared to working with petrol fuel. Bringing petrol from petrol station, then filling in fuel tank & Storage of petrol in ‘CAN’ at home is not considered safe, as petrol is a highly flammable substance.

On the other hand LPG Cylinder in commonly found at every house hold & with common man.

Less Maintenances: LPG Fuel leave no residual contents behind, So no need to clean Fuel Tank, carburettor or Head cylinder, So Very less Maintenance Cost Compared to Petrol Fuel.