Solar Generator


Though Prices of “Solar Panels” have fallen to bottom level in recent years, but still solar Power is still expensive for vast population of Rural India & for People, Who Really needs Electricity even today. The sudden surge in “Solar Power” Capacity since Last Couple of years is mainly, Government Schemes & heavy Subsidies. Our Mission is to provide small power “Solar Generator” at very affordable Prices which is as low as Rs 7950/- for 150 Watt Solar Generators:

DC Solar Generators: This Type of Power System is low Cost, needs Small solar panel and utilizes Solar Power in a very efficient manner, battery backup period is also Longer We provide to our Customer 12V Dc- Table fan, 12V- Dc LED Flood Light. The Solar Generator also have 2 Port for Charging, 2 Mobile Phone at a time. Customer can run 12V-LED TV also we have 2 models, 150 watt & 300 Watt.

Ac –Dc Solar Generator: This power system is little bit expensive, Compare to DC System & Battery Backup also shorter. In This System you will Get AC 230 Volts as well as 12 V-DC also. Customer can run both 12v DC application (LED Light, Fan, TV, Mobile Charging) as well all normal AC 230 V appliances also.