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(Capacity 850VA to 7.5KVA )

Multifuel Portable Generator new models are Portable Multipurpose Power Generator and are capable of delivering the High Pulsating Power upto7.5KVA, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 230 volts, which is enough to 2 nos of 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners Simultaneously.

Multifuel Portable Generator runs on Petrol, LPG, Natural Gas or Kerosene Fuel. There use and application are endless: like Household, Shops and Offices, Fields Job, Institutional.

GE 1000K
Maximum Output 950 VA, Rated Output 850 VA
GE 2000KS
Maximum Output 1.8 KVA, Rated Output 1.6 KVA
GE 7500 R
Maximum Output 7.5 KVA, Rated Output 7 KVA

Silent GE 7500 R
Maximum Output 7.5 KVA, Rated Output 7 KVA

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