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Hybrid Generator – UPS Technology & Solar-Bio Hybrid Generators

(Range 5 KVA to 30 KVA, both single and 3 Phase)

These Power Products are the extended application of small engine operated machines like: Water Pump Set, Concrete Vibrator, Brush Cutter, Welder Cum Generator Machine etc.

All these Products make use of small single cylinder, air cooled Diesel Engine or Petrol Engine.

Brief Description:-

Hybrid means amalgamation of 2 or more technologies. Conceptually it’s a futuristic power generator, much like a Honda Hybrid Car, the power is drown though Inverter and Batteries but partly supported by engine chargers.

This generator has inbuilt IGBT based, most advance high power inverter but also fitted with small silent diesel generator, which automatically starts when battery is 60% consumed.

When power fails, this acts as a UPS, your air conditioners and office computer etc will keep on running on battery backup and you will not even come to know about power failure. If power failure is longer, say for 1hour or 2 hour, then later engine will start automatically and will keep on supplying power for any longer duration of power cuts.

Parallel Running:

Any number of Hybrid Gensets can be made to run in parallel, if needed you can add them in parallel to run even 100 KVA loads.

Main Advantages:

  1. Hybrid generator UPS is a 2 in 1 reliable and affordable power solution. Now customers need not to purchase two backup powers separately.

  2. Huge savings in initial cost, as cost of hybrid generator is much less than combined cost of UPS and DG sets.

For Example: 5KVA Hybrid Generator UPS cost is around 1.3 Lacs,

Whereas cost of 5KVA Silent generator is 1.5 lacs + 1.35 lacs for 5 KVA inverter = Rs 2.85 lacs

  1. Battery replacement cost is very low, only 10% as compared to conventional Inverter UPS.

Example:- for period of 4 years normal 5 KVA inverter consumes about batteries worth Rs 1.5 lacs, but in case of hybrid gensets it needs battery replacements worth of Rs 15000 only.

  1. Because of latest inverter technology, battery life is more and batteries are maintenance free and no need to put water etc.

  2. Diesel consumption is 40% less, because of high efficiency, small size engine used.

Example: 5 KVA Hybrid Genset consumes only 0.7 ltr/hr, where as other 5 KVA DG sets consumes 1.25 ltr/hr.

  1. Unlimited backup means 24hrsX7 days assured power supply.

  2. High Quality Power:

These are Digital Generators and produce constant frequency 50 HZ and regulated 230 Volts, which is most important for IT industry, computers and other sophisticated electronic gadgets.

  1. Light Weight and portability:

Hybrid Gensets of the capacity of 10 KVA can be transported even in Maruti 800 Car.

Hybrid Gensets are the world’s most power full DG sets in its class.

  1. Long life and less maintenance cost:

On an average 65% power cuts of the year are absorbed by its inbuilt inverter and only for 35%, engine will run. Many times power fails for only minutes or less than hour and in winter people do not use air conditioners.

So inverter of this gensets will run for hours. Generator maintenance cost is directly proportional to running hours.

  1. Expandable Batteries for more Backup:

As default setting Hybrid Gensets has battery backup of about 1 hour, however if you do not want to run engine, you can add up to 4 battery banks at extra sockets provided on the genset panel.

Expandable system, running many Hybrid gensets in Parallel

Major Benefits of Parallel Running

  1. Addition of power at your will:

Tomorrow if you buy and add more computer or air conditioners then you need to install new big DG sets or Bigger UPS.

But if you are already using Hybrid Genset, then No worry, simply add on more Hybrid gensets and run in parallel.

Example: think of a mobile tower with present load of 15 KVA, you are using 2 hybrid gensets 10 KVA+5KVA in parallel. Next year you add more systems, now your power need is 25 KV, Simply add one more Hybrid Genset i.e. now you have 3 Hybrid sets running in parallel 10kva+5kva+10kva = 25 KVA

  1. Highest reliability:

Your business is more safe if you have 3 Hybrid Gensets running parallel, rather than only a single DG set. If DG set is under break down or maintenance, your all operations will stop.

In case of parallel sets, if one Genset is under maintenance, balance two are running, your services are affected only partly.

Fuel saving due to Parallel Running of Gensets

Many times power requirements are not constant. Sometimes your load is 5 KVA or sometimes you need peak power 30 KVA, if you are running Hybrid Gensets in Parallel, you can run 1 Genset or 2 Gensets or 3 Gensets as per your load requirements, if you run only one Genset you have to spend diesel for one set only.This facility is not possible in case of normal DG set.

Gensets Running in Parallel

Rural Electrification

  1. Hybrid Genset-UPS are compatible to directly couple with Solar Panels

In rural areas, where grid electricity is available only for few hours, solar panels can be connected this Hybrid Genset directly.

These low cost (=1.4 lac) 5 KVA Solar- Hybrid Generators are very useful for running rural health centres/nursing homes, their X-ray machines, Dentist Air compressor machine and other hospital equipment, rural banks/telecom etc. 5KVA model Genset is fitted with 200 Watts capacity solar panels, 10 KVA model solar Hybrid Genset is fitted with 300 watts capacity solar panel.

  1. Hybrid Genset compatible to run on mix bio gas + diesel fuel

Our Hybrid Genset can make use of bio gas along with some percentage of Diesel fuel. So this will save about 50 % of diesel. These products are very useful for farm houses and rural uses having mini bio gas plant.


Above category a & b means use of solar power and bio gas which is thrust area for department of non conventional energy resources and OREDA. It can be further explore and get approval from department like OREDA, to get our product subsidised to make it more affordable for rural use.

Innovation and technology Developments

If we search worldwide, today no such a 2 in 1 integrated system is available, having features and parameters similar to the system just described. So we can say it is a new idea, nce the idea is conceived, we are sure, the whole world will switch over to this newer technology, because of fuel savings, greater convenience and flexibility offered by new technique.

So, we strongly recommend to create Trade Barriers in the form patents or copy rights before going into Public

The development of this project is since year 2000, till date more than 12 different modules and product types tested with continues development, improvements, the technology of latest model is stable for last 2 years and results are upto full satisfaction.

Name of new major parts Developed

  1. Transformer less, inverter, IGBT based,


  1. World’s highest conversion efficiency 98%
  2. Transformer less, simple circuit and easy to maintain, small in size.
  3. Very low cost design. Conventional 5 KVA inverter cost 35000 our design cost only 15000.
  4. Rear earth Magnet alternators, are world’s most efficient Generators with more than 92% efficiency, whereas latest Honda alternators have maximum 82% efficiency.
  5. So many other new techniques developed to transform product to this presence form.

AMF Panel

Transformerless Inverter

Brushless 3 Phase Starter

R ear Earth Magnet Rotor


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