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Diesel Portable Generator

(Capacity 2.5 KVA to 7 KVA)

These new Portable Diesel Generator is a Revolutionary Power Machines for Power Starving Indian Market needs. The much awaited small size, Portable Diesel Gensets will cater the electric power need of all categories and all types of Indian users like:-

Rural and Semi Urban, House Hold, Shop and Offices, all types of Commercial and Industrial use, Construction, Field Jobs, Institutional etc.

GE 3000D
Maximum Output 2.5 KVA, Rated Output 2.3 KVA
Silent GE 3500 DS
Maximum Output 3.5 KVA, Rated Output 3.2 KVA
Silent GE 5500 DS
Maximum Output 4.8 KVA, Rated Output 4.2 KVA

Silent GE 7500 DS
Maximum Output 7 KVA, Rated Output 6.5 KVA

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