Param AGF 7500 (7KVA) Param AGF 3000 (2.5 KVA) AGF 1000 (800 VA)




Battery Backed INVERTERS, Noisy Diesel Generators,

 Honda Yamaha Type Petrol/ Kerosene Generators.


This Project will be of great pride to the Nation as it will add 300 MW Power annually, Portable, Clean Power & Emergency Backup.



  • Indian Economy is growing by more than 9% each year & hopefully, it will grow at same rate in future too.

  • At the same time more & more electrical appliances & gadgets like: - A.C, Computers, washing machine & microwave etc., are adding to each household & commercial establishments..

These both factors are putting tremendous pressure on ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATION Resources.


The demand for electricity in the country has gone far away than ever thought or planned. As we have witnessed sever power shortages for the last 20 years, in coming years too, there seems to be no let off from routine load shedding & Power cuts.


This means generator & stand by power backups has become mandatory & necessity for smooth running of day-to-day activities.


Today’s Ideal Power Backup:-

People of today’s vibrant & growing economy needs.

a) Un-interrupted power supply to absorb power cuts of any duration.
b)  Fully Automatic equipment working like inverter.
c) Silent power source.
d) Low equipment cost or low initial investment.
e) Electricity must be produced at most competitive rates.
f) Power generating equipment or the product must have longer life span.
g) Power equipment having hassle free & low cost maintenance. (Specially No heavy periodical investments, as we all see in case of inverters, cost of replacing batteries every alternate years).
h) Power generating equipment must be Non-Polluting (Unlike Diesel & Kerosene Generators).
i) Generating equipment must be handy & portable capable of moving equipment to any power hungry site.

PARAM Gen-set project is designed to meet all above specific needs of consumers.

  • Estimated market potential for Param generators stand at 5 Lacs Units per annum.

  • Estimated annual market growth - 25%.

  • Estimated Market  potential in rupee terms worth Rs.2000 Crores per annum.

Brief Project Report on


Param Fully Auto Portable Generator from 750 Watts to 7 KiloWatt:-

Installed production capacity


1 lakh Units Per Annum.

Total Plant Cost


25 Crore.

Working Capital


30 Crore.

Total Project Cost


55 Crore.

Special Marketing Budget for Ist Year

(@1 Crore per month)


12 Crores

Govt. Approvals
  • Patent of all systems

  • Approval by ARAI, pune
    (For emission norms)

: 10 Lakhs

Projected Product Cost (Various Models)


Rs.7990/- to Rs.89990/-.

Sales Turnover


400 Crores.


(Average Unit Price as 40000/- ex-factory ( Less Taxes & Dealer Margin).

Total Area required


700 sq.mtrs.

Total Covered Area (Mfg Unit)


4000 m2

Power Required

Man Power required


250 KW.

Helper & Semi Skilled



Supervisor, FORMEN & Skilled Workers






Administrative Staff



(Incl. Incoming Stores)



Sales & Services

(Incl. FPS & Dispatch)






Office Building


350 m2

Guest House& Canteen etc.,


300 m2

Min Assured Profit Margins - 15% ~ 60 crores.

Plants successful operation at installed capacity for 1 year will pay back whole project cost in a single year.

Plant Set up Time:- Within 6 months from the date of commencement of work.


Please Note : Investment figures mentioned are provisional, Actual figures may vary+/- 20%.


Klockner gas technology is latest  R & D work by proffessionals of Research & Analysis Alternate Energy Resources. Hence it is strongly recommended before going for bulk productions, Entering party must obtain patent & legal rights so as to safeguard his business interest and monopolized market potential.


We suggest that the above plant be installed in the state of Uttarakhand or Himachal Pradesh in order to avail the following fiscal incentives.

1. Excise holiday for 10 Years.
2. Income Tax holiday for 5 Years. & thereafter 30% rebate for next 5 Years.
3. 15% Capital investment subsidy subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 30Lacs
(This amount would cover all PP expanses of initial setting up of plant).


Manufacturing facilities consists of:-


Modern Sheet Metal Fabrication shop- consists mainly of Press Shop.


Gassifire manufacturing shop (with conveyor line).


Coil winding shop


Electronic Assembly shop.


Automatic Electrostatic Paint shop (Gas fired/Solar heating for paint baking).


Soundproof Box Assy. Lines (with 3 Nos. of conveyor lines).


Generator Assembly lines (with 4 Conveyor lines).


Packing shop.


Other infrastructure includes.


Mechanized material handling like electric hoists & forklifts.


Raw Material stores with MS cases Bins, plastic bins pallets & hand pallets for handling & Storage.


Finished good stores with a storage capacity up to 10000 Units.


Stand by Generator set 250 K. watts.


Air compressor for running all assy. Tool sets.


Scrap shed and disposal system.


Tool Room shop for plant machinery/Dies maintenance.


SPMS, Tools, Dies, FIXTURES etc.,


Inspection/QC shop with special TEST BENCHES, Inspection equipments.


Tool crib & spare parts store.


Security & surveillance equipments.


Furniture – fixtures & computers


Advantages of New Technology
(For Running A.C. & other higher Power Needs)

AGF 2800-Wihtout Canopy

AGF 2000- Without Canopy


PARAM Gen-sets will satisfy all Types of users for their Power Needs. These power machine absorbs all plus points of conventional Inverters, generators & newer invented Gas Technology.

Let us know more about this unique power device: -

  1. Basically PARAM is a Generator, Generates electricity. So power back up is for any long duration.

  2. Gen-set ON/OFF is Automatic, Generator behaves as Inverter. Also you have a choice, you may set the gen-set on Auto, Remote or manual mode.

  3. PARAM Generators are Noiseless.

  4. Per Unit cost of Electricity is LOWEST, when compared to other Petrol/Kerosene Gen-sets, specially while running on Piped Natural Gas, Bio-Gas etc.,

  5. PARAM Generators based on latest low pressure klockner Gas Technology & Hence are very fuel efficient and at the
    same time, they make use of cheaper Gaseous fuels, such as PNG, Bio-Gas, LPG etc.

  6. Zero Pollution:- These Devices emits NO POLLUTION as compared to other Petrol/Kerosene & Diesel Generators having very high Pollution level & becomes unbearable. Specially when running at congested places.

  7. No need to Top up Petrol / Kerosene, Diesel on every regular intervals. It is best to use Piped Natural Gas (PNG), Farm House having Bio-Gas Plant, other wise you can connect to piped LPG, or LPG Cylinder. A 19 kg LPG cylinder Runs 1500 VA Generator for 40 Hrs continuously.

  8. One Time Investment:- Only one time equipment cost is involved, No Hidden running & recurring expenses. Fuel expenses are little when compared to inverters. Where you will continue to receive inflated electric bills round the year , whether you use the inverter or not. Whereas in case of PARAM generators. IF YOU DO NOT NEED POWER BACK UP, SAY FOR 1 YEAR, Fuel expenses are zero, as you have not used the equipment.

  9. Very Little Maintenance:- PARAM Generators making use of clean fuels, hence routine maintenance cost is very low compared to other Gen-sets. Inverter users end up paying Rs.7000/- to Rs.60,000/- for replacement of batteries besides other maintenance expenses.

  10. Portability: - Equipments are light weight & Portable are best suitable for mobile application field jobs, hills etc.,

  11. PARAM GENSETS ARE LONG LIVED:- Service life of these equipments are very high when compared to Inverters. PARAM Generators easily serves with life period between 15 to 20 years.

  12. COST COMPETATIVENESS:- Initial equipment cost is also low when compared to all Market available Power Packs


PARAM Generators With Electrical Output: 7 KVA: Suitable for Medium Business established

(Also to run A.C etc.)

Gas Fuel Based

Diesel Genset

Petrol Genset

Kerosene Genset

Inverters ( with 8 batteries)

0.9 Lakh only.

1,75 Lakh

1,70 Lakh

Not Available

Above 1 lakh


Application & Market Scope


Application & scope of PARAM Gen-sets are everywhere & numerous.

  • House Hold & Domestic use during Power cuts & failures.

  • Markets, shops, all type of small & medium business establishments / for small factories for running light machine loads.

  • Field & Mobile applications, Hilly Terrains, Tourist camps etc.

  • Institutional sale like banks, railways, school-colleges, Govt. offices.

  • Military & Defense forces, for use in Borders & remote areas, BSF etc.

  • ATMS, mobile communication Towers other related I.T & Computer applications.

  • Best for Tent house people for Barats/Marriages, since diesel set is Bulky & Noisy.

Major Constituents of PARAM Gen-sets..

  • Engine & Alternator

  • Starting Motor

  • AMF Panel

  • Small SMF Battery

  • Low pressure Klockner Gas System

  • Sound Proofing Box.

* Apart from Automatic Generators, company will also provide conventional manual rope start kerosene/petrol/gas run generators & water pump sets at much lower costs, compared to present players.

Marketing Notes: - Automatic Generator having a very wide customer base as it is required at every house hold, Commercial establishments, Markets, Jewelry, Shops, Banks, Govt., Semi-govt., Defense services, ATMS, Mobile Tower, Educational institutes and so many.


Budget for Sales Promotion: - Ist year 12 crores ( @1 crore per month). IInd year of production and onwards 5% of monthly sales turnover should be spent on sales promotion.


Basically Marketing of this product means educating every potentially customer about :-

  1. Power Storage Type Devices like Inverters are just an eyewash.

  2. Inverter bears a very high Hidden recurring expenses on account of batteries.

  3. Invertors user pay inflated electricity bill specially if they are installing invertors with multiple batteries.

  4. Battery consumption is increasing at very alarming rate due to inverter use. Which has fueled to dangerous LED (PB) pollution

  5. It is Profitable to go in for Gas fuel based silent PARAM Portable Generator for power needs. As electricity produced is at most economical rates and also users are fully protected from longer power cuts.

    a. To popularize this new concept in portable power generation. We suggest aggressive marketing for period of 1 year.
    b. Minimum fund for marketing support should be around 1 crore P.M.
    c. 50% of this fund to be spent on T.V. channel advertisement & Print media.
    d. Balance 50% to be spent on massive road shows in all cities and area wise localized Trade fairs.
    e. For cost effective Demo marketing. It is hereby suggested that total potential areas of country be divided into 4 to 5 zones. Each zone to have Mobile Van with Products & Publicity material.


    Companies marketing teams plus Distributors should program LIVE DEMO marketing through Mobile Van in cities of that Area. Same Mobile Van should participate in local fairs / shows & exhibitions.

  6. Product will be sold through distributor network. One distributor will be appointed for each potential marketing zone/District.

  7. Distributor will perform following functions:-

    a) Stocks Holding- for all company Products and spares.
    b) Promotional activities including road demo etc.
    c) After sales back up & warranty services
    d) Each distributor will maintain team of 2 nos. of company trained service technician for after sales.

  • Distributors will have multiple number of sales counter under him like show rooms selling consumer House hold goods such as TV, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, generators, Inverters, Electrical appliances like geysers, coolers, A.C etc., are the potential sales counters






A) INVERTER USERS - Every Urban Indian House Hold is already having an Inventor Backup or he wants to have Inverter.
i) 70% users have installed a 500/600 VA Invertors for mainly lights, Fans & TV.
ii) 20% users have installed Invertors of Capacity up to 2000 VA (2 KVA). Their electric needs are not only light & fans, they are running refrigerators, Desert Coolers, Microwave Oven, Water Pump, washing machines, in fact they want to light up whole house.
iii)  10% users have installed or willing to install Invertors Rating – 6 KVA, Besides their regular load they Main Aim is to Run at least one A.C.

LG 900 (750 VA) EM 650 (500 VA) LG 2000 (1600 VA) EBK 2000 (1600 VA)

Users under this category are using various types of Generators:-

  1. 20% Generator users use Petrol/Kerosene run Generators ranging from 500 VA to 2.5 KVA Popular Brands are HONDA, YAMAHA, Greaves Imported Chinese Generator.

  2. 80% users under this category are using Diesel Generators of 3 KVA to 7.5 KVA Branded Kirlosker make or at least 200 brands of local assembled Generators.


Type of Product

Unit Sales Annually

Market Size annually

(Rs. in Crores)


Invertor Sales

500 VA to 7 KVA

12 Lakh Units

Rs. 1500 Crores

25% growth potential per annum

Portable Generators

500 VA to 2500 VA


1 Lakh Units


Combined market sale of last 5 years, ther is NIL growth in this segment

Samll Desel Generators

3 KVA to 7.5 KVA


Silent Generator

75000 Units

Rs. 1100 Crores

30% robust growth potential per year

Nosiy Generator

1,50,000 Units

Rs. 350 Crores

Market will remain static & maintain itself at this level upto 7 KVA

Total Market size for all type of power equipments stands at Rs. 3300 Crore Annually with Projected Annual Growth rate of 25%.




People are choosing between Bad & worse for their power requirements.


Here is a analysis of Good & Bad for each category.


1) INVERTERS:- Inverters are Noiseless, No Fuel require, No Starting & stopping of equipment required, cost of Invertors are 10,000/- ( for 500 VA) to 1 Lakh ( for 7 KVA). At a glance Inverters looks very lucrative, But most of the people DO NOT know the Dark side of INVERTORS, But fact is, its electricity is most expensive and Power equipment is Incomplete.

  • Limited Backup:- Inverter Stores electricity, Not generates by itself. Inverter Production in India is aggravating the Power crises rather than solving. There backup is limited to 4 HRs (At Rated Load). It is unsuitable when ever longer Break down Happens.

  • Battery Replacement:- After every 2 years Batteries has to be replaced. 500 VA Inverter needs 1 Battery, 1500 VA inverter needs  2 Batteries, 7 KVA inverter needs 8 batteries.

  • Single Battery cost ~7000/-. So replacement Cost comes 7000/-, 14000/- & 56000/- for 7 KVA respectively.

  • Whether you use inverter or not, after its installation its Batteries Continue to Draw some current (Even on Float Charging) all the 24 Hrs.& 12 months a year.

Inflated Electric Bills after installation of Invertors
Type of Use 500 VA 1500 VA 7 KVA

Domestic Use Per

Unit @ 2.5/-

Rs.250 PM,
(Rs.3000 PA)
500    PM
(Rs 6000 PA)
Rs.  2000 PM
(Rs.24000 PA)

Commercial Use Per

Unit @ 6/-

Rs. 600 P.M
Rs.7200 P.A
Rs.1200 P.M
  • Maintenance:- Batteries needs regular care, needs distilled water to be added.

  • Bulky: - Imagine How bulky will it be as compared to Petrol/Kerosene Generator for 7 KVA capacity with 8 batteries.

  • Poor Life:- Electronic circuits/Transformers of ( short lived Devices) this equipment fail frequently almost 75% cross check of Inverters end up their life within 5 years of sale.

  • Deficiencies in Services:- Due to frequent faults in these equipments, people usually seen crying and running after service Providers for repairs.

  • Going through all above, inverters are suitable for small power requirement like lights, fan, with usage of single Battery.

  • Looking into factor 2) and 3) above, for running AC or heavy loads where using 6 or 8 batteries is UNECONOMICAL.

  • Again see Point No.3, Inverter running Proves very costly if you are connecting Inverter with commercial connection.

Klockner gas technology is latest  R & D work by proffessionals of Research & Analysis Alternate Energy Resources. Hence it is strongly recommended before going for bulk productions, Entering party must obtain patent & legal rights so as to safeguard his business interest and monopolized market potential.



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28, Mohini Road, Dehradun-248001

Ph. 0135-2672540

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