kerosene genetrator

GE 1000K
Maximum Output 950 VA, Rated Output 850 VA
GE 2000KS
Maximum Output 1.8 KVA, Rated Output 1.6 KVA
GE 7500 R
Maximum Output 7.5 KVA, Rated Output 7 KVA

Silent GE 7500 R
Maximum Output 7.5 KVA, Rated Output 7 KVA


Multifuel - Portable Generator

Silent GE 7500 R
(with inbuilt low pressure klockner LPG System, can also run on natural gas and Bio-Gas)

Runs twin (2) 1.5 ton air conditioner
Digital Hour Meter
Digital Voltmeter
Digital Hz Meter

Product Specification


Runs 2 nos of 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners simultaneously, hence very useful Big Homes, Offices, Hotels and Restaurants, Computer Centres, Small cold Storages, Submersible Pumps, Inductive and Industrial Loads, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Ambulances, OBM Vans, Constructions sites, for Powering Projects in Hilly Terrains and Remote Areas.

Max AC. Output

7.5 KVA

Rated AC. Output


Rated Current

32 Amps

AC. Voltage (no Load)

250 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase


Brushless, Rear Earth Magnets Rotor


OHV, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, 15 HP, GE 190 FE

Starting System

Recoil Start and Self Start


Petrol or LPG

Fuel Tank Capacity

18 ltr

Fuel Consumption

Petrol 2.5 ltr/hr (at 80% of rated load)

LPG: 1.1 KG/Hr (at 80% of rated load)

Sound Level (Db)

<72 Db (from 1 meter)

Gross weight-KG

130 KG

Packing Dimension (Box Size)-mm

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