kerosene genetrator

GE 45 V BD
Diesel Concrete Vibrator
GE 30 D
Diesel Water Pump Set

1000 ltr/min
lawn mover GE LM 460
Lawn Mover
Brush Cutter

GE BC 430
Brush Cutter

multipurposedieselengine GE 170 FD
Multipurpose Diesel Engine
Speed: 3000 rpm
GE 170 FSD
Multipurpose Diesel Engine

Speed: 1500 rpm
GE 176 FD
Multipurpose Diesel Engine

Speed: 3000 rpm
GE 176 FSD
Multipurpose Diesel Engine
Speed: 3000 rpm
multipurpose diesel engine GE 188 FADE
Multipurpose Diesel Engine
Speed: 3000 rpm

Multipurpose Diesel Engine GE 176 FSD

Fuel efficient engine

A 7.7 HP engine, the most powerful portable diesel engine with slow speed and high torque in its class This engine has an endless uses, from railway line cutting machine, pressure washers, sprayers, for sugar juice crushing, for general machinery use etc. Because of high fuel efficiency, the running cost is very economical and affordable.

Product Specification


GE 176 FSD

Engine type

Single cylinder, tilt, 4-stroke, swirl chamber, forcible air-cool





Compression ratio


Max Torque (N.m/r/min.)

34.3/1500 rpm.

Engine speed (rev/min)

1500 rpm

Max. Power output

5.66 KW

Rated power output

5.15 KW

Starting System

Recoil starter

Engine oil capacity


Lubrication type

Pressure lubrication

Fuel capacity

Diesel 4 Ltrs.

Min. fuel consumption


Power take off


POT Shaft

½ shaft

Crankshaft direction

Anti-clockwise(view from flywheel)

Packing Dimension ( box size)-mm


Gross Weight -Kg


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